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This Privacy Policy sets out how Mr Stefan Braun’s website processes its visitors’ personal data.


The data controller is LABRIS COMPANY DOO BELGRADE, with registered office at Nemanjina 4, registration number:  17518232.


For information pertaining to the processing of personal data, you can contact us at


Personal data are any data that pertains to a natural person whose identity is identified or identifiable — either directly or indirectly — in particular based on identity markers, such as name or identification number, location data, identifiers in electronic communication networks, or one or several features of their physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity.

The processing of personal data is any automated or non-automated action or set of actions carried out using personal data or personal data sets, such as collection, recording, sorting, grouping or structuring, storing, adapting or modifying, revealing, viewing, using, disclosing by transmission or delivery, copying, disseminating or otherwise making available, comparing, limiting, deleting, or destroying.

Personal data are processed with your consent or agreement.

Data processing can also be carried out when it is required in order to comply with the Data Controller’s legal obligations, with a view to protecting the vital interests of the relevant person, with a view to acting in the public interest or exercising the Data Controller's legally prescribed powers, or with a view to achieving the Data Controller’s or a third party’s legitimate interests.


2.2.1. When making reservations for events:

Reservations secure your spot for a specific event. 

The data from the booking contact form must be provided for each individual event. The data to be provided in the booking contact form includes the following: Full name, email address, mobile phone number, and your city and country. Considering that reservations are made based on the data provided, the visitor is responsible for the accuracy of their data. The above data are processed for a period of 6 (six) months from the time the reservation is made. After this period expires, any personal data provided for a specific event will be deleted.


2.2.2. When providing information about future events and activities:

Mr Stefan Braun enables its regular Visitors to receive information about future events, promotions, offers, and news by way of notifications — informative emails and text messages. This type of communication is carried out only with the Visitors’ consent. The Visitors’ personal data that are processed for this purpose include full name, email address, phone number, and their city and country. These personal data are processed in the database of Mr Stefan Braun’s regular Visitors. The visitor gives consent to this processing of personal data and can withdraw it at any time, via the link provided in the text message/email or via the email address The above data are processed until you unsubscribe from the regular visitors list. 

The processing involves automated decision-making, including profiling, without any legal consequences.


3.1. Right to access personal data.  This right means that you can request access to your personal data that we process at any time. At your request, you will receive information about the purpose of using and processing your data, the category of data that we process, the period during which the data are processed, as well as information about any potential processors with which we share the data. At your request, we will provide a copy of all your personal data that we process. We provide copies of data electronically. However, at your request, copies can also be provided in another way. 


3.2. The right to correct or amend personal data. This right means that at your request, data that are incorrectly entered can be immediately corrected or deleted, or amended or modified if the data has changed in the meantime. 

3.3. The right to personal data erasure. This right means that you can request that we cease processing your personal data and delete them at any time. 


3.4. The right to restriction of personal data processing. This right includes the option to restrict ours or a third party’s processing of your personal data, in part or in full, if you dispute the accuracy of your personal data, in the event that the processing is illegal and you object to the erasure and request the restriction of use, in the event that the data are no longer needed for processing and you request them in order to assert or defend a legal claim, if you have submitted an objection to data processing in accordance with Article 37, paragraph 1 of the Law on Personal Data Protection while an assessment is underway as to whether the legal grounds for the Controller’s data processing override your interests.

3.5. The right to complaint. This right means that you can object to the processing of your personal data at any time. 

3.6. The right to transfer data to another controller. This right means that when data processing is based on your consent or is automated, you have the right to ask us to transfer your personal data to another controller.

 3.7. The right to withdraw consent for personal data processing. This right means that you can withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time. Please note that if you withdraw your consent, that does not affect the permissibility of data processing before the withdrawal. 


3.8. The right to file a complaint with the commissioner. This right means that if you believe that the processing of your personal data has been carried out contrary to the Law on Personal Data Protection, you have the right to file a complaint with the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.


Mr Stefan Braun does not forward your personal data to any processors. 



Considering the purpose of personal data processing, the duration of data storage varies. The storage period for personal data is specified for each individual processing purpose if the period can be specified.


Personal data that we process is stored in a database. Access to this database is granted only to authorized employees, in a way that is secure and previously approved by us as the Data Controller. Personal data that we collect are processed in electronic form, in an automated manner, or in printed form in a non-automated manner. As the Data Controller, we have implemented appropriate technical and organizational steps to ensure the protection of personal data.


The website uses cookies in order for the page to function properly and to improve the content displayed on the website and adapt it to your needs. 

A cookie is a text file that is stored locally on your computer and that enables the recognition of visitors who return to the website. Cookies are used for the proper functioning of the website, for collecting information about visits to the website for the purpose of visit analytics and statistics, in order to improve the user experience on the website.

When visiting our site, your browser information may be downloaded and stored, mostly in the form of cookies. This type of data processing may pertain to information about you, your searches, your device, your IP address, etc. The information collected in this way is not used to identify you as an individual, but instead it enables the proper functioning of the website and a tailored experience while using the website's content. You have the option to refuse the storage of cookies on your device, which you can disable for this page in the browser you are using. If you have previously installed cookies, you also have the option to delete them in the browser that you are using. Refusing or deleting cookies will not prevent you from accessing the website’s content, but its functioning may be reduced.

Types of cookies that we use:

Performance cookies:

These cookies are used to record visit counts and benchmark and enhance website performance. These cookies help to obtain information about the way the website is used, but the information remains anonymous. If you refuse to accept these cookies, the Data Controller will not have any information about when you visited the website. 



Does it require consent for use?

Duration of processing


Google Analytics cookie: This is a cookie used to identify new visits. This cookie is updated whenever data are sent to Google Analytics


30 minutes from updating


Metapixel: This is a cookie used for retargeting. This cookie is updated whenever data are sent to Meta Pixel.


30 minutes from updating

The Privacy Policy is subject to change, and Mr Stefan Braun will update it regularly on the website.

Updated on 13 September 2022