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The member of the world’s finest clubs since 2003

This is not a conventional club. Believe it or not, here, the real good time is right at the bar! Wondering how this is possible? Once you get to know our bartenders, everything will be clear. Because they are the ones who will give you a show to remember! Here, it's completely normal to jump on the bar and dance with them. Here, it's completely normal to see Batman and Superman flying over you while you're sipping your drink. Next thing you know, it’s completely dark and you wonder what's next. Trust us, no one ever knows what's next, except our bartenders!

Another thing that shouldn’t surprise you is spotting a celebrities from the worlds of sports, music, or film in the club. Over the 19 years, our club welcomed: Novak Đoković, Chris Weber, Scot Pollard, Dimitar Berbatov, Stefan Appia, Dwight York, Savo Milošević, Predrag Mijatović, Vlade Divac, Dejan Stanković, Junior Jack, Kurd Maverick, Kid Creme, David Copperfield, Kostas Papanikolaou, Gerald Butler, and many more local and international public figures.

Mr Stefan Braun is more than a club. Mr Stefan Braun has been a top entertainment institution for twenty years!

No one leaves here indifferent.

“I, Mr Stefan Brown, wish to thank all my guests for making our past seasons unforgettable and all those who are yet to become my guests, for helping to make the following seasons even better.
Sincerely yours, Mr Stefan Braun."